Arts Commons Tokyo (ACT) aims to contribute to the promotion of arts and culture in Japan and Asia through activities related to contemporary arts, based on an awareness of how the arts respond to today’s society, and are able to advocate new shared principles and social models for the future.

ACT engages with its mission through the following four approaches:

1.A “New Public”
Advocating a “new public” linking concepts of the independent and the public, ACT proposes and implements new social models through culture and the arts, in partnership with a wide range of initiatives, including the public and private sector.
2. New Artistic Methodologies in Response to the Zeitgeist
Instead of “art for art’s sake,” ACT takes its cue from society and history. It responds to actual social conditions and seeks out new forms of art that can influence the world. It advocates these and puts them into practice.
3. A Collective of Multiple Directors
In order to realize our aims, diverse directors with a range of skills and specialties (production, editorial, research, etc.) come together on a per-project basis, operating as a directors’ collective.
4. An Independent Platform Across Asia
In partnership with collaborators and organizations who share our ideals, ACT builds a platform developing across the whole of Asia.

Four Types of Activities

1. Production
ACT plans, produces and operates arts projects across multiple fields in partnership with Japanese and international cultural agencies and initiatives.
2. Media
In order to share and pass on critique and discourse on contemporary art and society that transcends the regional and temporal, ACT publishes and broadcasts across a range of media.
3. Think Tank
ACT conducts research across multiple specialist fields, including cultural policy, urban planning, community design, tourism and arts project management, and develops the results as policy proposals.
4. Education & Environment
In response to the needs of the zeitgeist, ACT develops and implements educational programs aiming to foster human resources with global perspectives, including outreach programs with local governments, educational agencies and corporations. It also works to foster long-term environments for arts creation and develops pilot schemes.


The Arts Commons Tokyo logo was created by Naoki Sato, the head of design studio ASYL. The logo is themed around the motif of the Japanese character gei (“art”) and carries a sense of seedlings being planted and cultivated, growing and developing across Asia through an intercultural and international network of participants.