Gisèle Vienne Special Workshop (3 May 2017)

Gisèle Vienne Special Workshop

Photographe: Mathilde Darel (c) DACM 

Gisèle Vienne is an avant-gardist theatre director, who uses puppets to materialise her own philosophical and aesthetic universe. In tandem with the latest performance in Japan this spring, Theatre Commons and Goeth Institut Tokyo will invite the artist to co-organize a special workshop.  

 When inquired on her obsession with puppets, Vienne has mentioned that ‘puppets are suitable objects when reflecting on the possibility of representing humans, because marionettes could pertinently express the presence and absence of humans simultaneously’.  Through the usage of puppets, she depicts a metaphorical universe that veers towards the border of humanity: extreme violence, death, murder and abnormal sexual behaviours are several of such case in point. The conflicting human mind, which is continuously spilt between two opposite desires – wishing for perfect harmony and beauty, as well as destruction and chaos – is brought into relief in Vienne’s theatre. Through the juxtaposition of language, body, and collective experience, a universe that is both allegorical and philosophical emerges on the stage. The powerful and idiosyncratic theatre that she creates obliges the audience to think beyond the dualism of rational and desire. She challenges the audience with these conflicting logics, in order to reassess human existence.

Prior to the performances set in Shizuoka and Kyoto, Vienne will share her artistic principles, methodologies and relevant social issues with the audience by referring to video clips from her past performances at the occasion of Theater anders denken organized by Goeth Institut Tokyo. The participants of the workshop are required to hear this lecture on the day before. The workshop will be organised for a limited number of participants. Reflecting on the numerous issues that Vienne will elaborate in the lecture, the participants will learn the theatrical methodologies, which enables thoughts to be used in practise. Vienne will explain the artistic process of how instinctive human desires and conflicts are brought into relief through the usage of bodies, languages stage sets and props. Through the dialogue with Vienne, the participants will have the opportunity to closely observe her creative process. It is a workshop suitable for not only theatre practitioners, but also artists and others, who are interested in various art forms.

Lecturer: Gisèle Vienne
Navigator: Chiaki Soma (Director of Theatre Commons Tokyo)

Date: Wednesday, 3 March 2017 10:30AM – 17:00PM
Venue: Goethe-Institut Tokyo

Language: English with Japanese consecutive translation

Participants: 20 people (Application requested. Selection will take place when applicants exceed the provided slots).

Fee: 3000 Japanese Yen (Pay cash at the door)

– The individual must be able to participate in the lecture on Monday, 2 May INFO 
– The participant agrees on the workshop being filmed and photographed for recordings.

Please fill in necessary information requested on the application FORM

Deadline for Application: Friday, 21 April 2017
The result will be sent out to all applicants on 24 April 2017 via email.

Artist’s Profile : Gisèle Vienne

A choreographer and director born in 1976. After obtaining a degree in philosophy, she continued her study at the prestigious l’École nationale supérieure des arts de la marionnette. She has presented her works in numerous international festivals including Festival d’Avignon. Vienne has continuously worked with Japanese organizations, which dates back to 2007, when she spent five months in Kyoto as a resident artist at Villa Kujoyama. Based on this experience, in 2010, Vienne presented her critically acclaimed work This is How You will Disappear in Festival/Tokyo and Kyoto Experiment. From 2004, she has continuously collaborated with the American writer Dennis Cooper in projects such as Jerk (2014). This production was presented at SPAC, together with Showroom Dummies: a theatre piece, which has been developed with another long-term collaborator Etienne Bideau-Rey. She has also worked with professional dancers and figure skaters, and has presented photographs and installations. She is now working on a new production consisted of 15 dancers, which is set to premiere in November 2017.

Organised by Theatre Commons Tokyo, Goethe-Institut Tokyo
Planned and produced by Arts Commons Tokyo
In collaboration with l’Institut Français du Japon – Tokyo, SPAC (Shizuoka Performing Arts Centre)